Young, Broke and Not Really Hungry

by elleryturner

“I’m hungry”  is a phrase that I am no stranger to – I rarely turn down good food, am always game for a snack, and will never, ever say “no” to frozen yogurt.  Ever.

Despite my frequent overuse of the word “hungry,” I try to remind myself to always be grateful that I have never known the true meaning of hunger.  You don’t need me to tell you that there are a lot of people all over the world who are starving.  What you do need me to tell you, is that there are ways you can help that are so easy, there’s no reason not to do them.

The first?   There are tons of neat things you can buy from the site, with all of the profits going to different charities, but the coolest feature only requires you to point and click.  When you click on the yellow button, sponsors of the site donate cups of food to charities who feed the hungry.  It really doesn’t get any easier to give back, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

Idea #2:  BOGO for a cause.  Around the holidays lots of canned goods go on sale – even as much as buy 2, get 3 free.  This is a great way for someone on a budget to help feed the hungry.  And let’s be honest, when are you really going to use those 5 cans of creamed corn?  So buy 2, and give 3 to a local food bank.  It’s a win-win.

Idea #3: Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.  You’ve already spent a ton of money around the holidays, which are stressful to begin with, and you can’t possibly spare any cash for charity.  Though it may not seem it, you’re in luck!  Helping others is a proven mood-booster, and even if you can’t give goods or money, you can donate some time.  Search online for food banks in your area, and sign up to serve a meal.  You know what they say?  You get back what you put out into the universe – and who couldn’t use some good food karma?!

Idea #4: This might be my most favorite idea of all. has brainteasers in different subjects and they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme for every answer you get correct.   I love the “English vocabulary” section.  If you haven’t already noticed, it’s my firm opinion that food and writing are best served together.  Go play some games, help save the world…not a bad deal at all.

Idea #5:  It is so terribly cliched, but in it’s cheesiness lies truth and I’d be remiss not to point it out – every little bit really does count.  Keep an eye out for small ways to help – when the girl working the register at your local grocery store asks if you’d like to donate $1 to help feed hungry children, don’t say “no” right away.  Think about it…can you spare that one dollar?  If so, do it, just once…and next time they ask you can say with pride “thanks, but I’ve already donated.”  Do you go out to lunch with your coworkers on Fridays?  Bring in some leftovers this week instead and donate that $10 online to a food-related charity.  You didn’t compromise your budget, and still managed to do a little good.  A very Merry Christmas, indeed.